The way time recording should be

Would it be nice just to sit down once to set up a project and clients, start time registration in no time, send a nice thorough report to the client without even doing anything and just relax? It WOULD! So, if you work with clients and charge them for the time you spend with them or on their projects just like I do, you need to have a nice time recording tool available to you at all times and at minimum cost.

The application overall:

In order to easily record time for your clients, the application you use should be clear and understandable right at first sight. You shouldn’t have to hustle through thousands of pages and clicks just to set up a project, have a constant headache because you have to count your hours or you have to add your time sheets. Most of all though, your information should be stored somewhere in case you need it in the future.
It is hard to choose one tool which has all that, but recently there has been a new time tracking gadget introduced. It covers all of the user friendliness aspects and also allows to relax and enjoy the regular client meetings. I have tested it and this is what I have found…

To start…

Account registration and account setup
Only active e-mail account is needed. The only thing to remember is to make sure to fill out the name and last name on the account, otherwise, it will be hard to identify oneself on the reports. Creating a report and adding users takes a few clicks.

Registering time
Downloading the correct application, choosing a project to register time on, and synchronizing the application after time recording is finished, will do the trick.

To save time…

Scheduling a report is like 1,2,3…

  1. Write a name, choose a template and period
  2. Set settings and Filters
  3. Choose the recurrence, a file format and an e-mail address

After those three steps, the chosen report will be sent to the indicated e-mail address.

Types of reports

  • Work hours – hours recorded per user.
  • Work hours day grouping – hours recorded by users per day.
  • Projects and project members – total number of hours of each user on a project, and hours on the various sub-projects, and the total number of hours on all projects.
  • My hours on projects – simple report of hours someone spends on projects.
  • iCal Calendar – will send a file with time and date entries for imports to iCal calendar.
  • Outlook calendar items – will send a file with time and date entries for imports to Outlook calendar.

  • Types of a file format
    Comma separated value, Adobe PDF format, HTML document, Excel spreadsheet, Text file output, rtf document, Custom text file.

    Some help…

    Make free downloads and use it for your benefit. Just watch the demo video above to see for yourself. Also check some other reviews – administration

    My recommendation for this practical time registration tool…